Strawberry Star Group, established in 2007, is an international property company specialising in CapitalDevelopmentAcquisition, SalesLettings and Management of London property to local and international investors.


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Founded by Santhosh Gowda, a born entrepreneur with over 25 years of rich experience in leading property markets at a global level, Strawberry Star Group is a provider of high-quality property services. We have an outstanding track record of delivering market-leading returns while mitigating the risks of real estate investment. Over the past decade, we facilitated over £600 million in aggregate property investments.

We provide a fresh approach to real estate, focused on simplicity, quality, trust and performance. With so many different parties needed to successfully invest in property, it is essential to ensure that you work with quality people.

Our end-to-end service provides a ‘one-stop’ property solution, meaning we can guarantee quality and market leading performance, along with fulfilling our commitment to providing an exceptional service to everyone involved.

With a local presence in London, and office in Singapore, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with investors, local authorities, leading agents and world-class consultants.

  • One-stop service provider for the entire spectrum of real estate investment
  • Effective system & process coupled with experienced and skilled leadership
  • Ability to identify great opportunities for our customers & take them through the whole process
  • Excellent due diligence & risk management systems
  • Tight cost control & financial management enabling increase in protection of profit margins
  • Transparency at every level
  • Efficient reporting systems