We let and manage properties across London, specialising in supporting our landlord clients through each investment journey, from pre-completion to handover and occupation. We also offer a bespoke package to assist you in selling any of your investments.

We will guide you through every stage, understanding your priorities with a focus on enhancing the value of your asset by reducing void periods, maximising rental income, managing costs and keeping your tenants happy.

Why choose Strawberry Star?

  • Lettings and Sales
  • Local knowledge
  • New development focus
  • Overseas landlord expertise
  • International offices
  • Onsite lettings and sales office at Hoola and Sky Gardens projects
  • Financial performance reporting
  • Asset Management skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Small and independent
  • No hidden fees

What we do?

We follow global best practices benchmarked by industry standards for seamless Lettings & Management services. Our Lettings & Management services are currently being used by some of the best known properties in London.

Our experienced Lettings & Management teams provide unparalleled services that are professional, dedicated and transparent. Not only do we let and manage the properties, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and advise them when it is best to multiply an investment.

With new flagship offices in our Hoola and Vauxhall Sky Gardens developments in London, supported by our strong international network, we offer a premium service to our UK and overseas customers.

  • Unrivalled end-to-end offer for both overseas buyers and local landlords
  • Services designed to maximise returns and minimise risks
  • Process begins with the initial purchase and a pre-completion service
  • Lettings facility and tenancy management
  • Resale and exit by our Lettings & Sales arm
  • Onsite lettings and sales office at Hoola and Sky Gardens projects

Why Us?

  • Proven track record and reputation
  • We understand the London market better with our management and leadership team having a cumulative experience of over 25 years in real estate markets
  • Our professionals are always a call away for advise, consultation or in-depth insights into the market
  • We advise on when it is best to grow an investment, or indeed when it is best to divest
  • We believe that investors should put their money in quality developments that are able to weather any movements in the short-term
  • Building new offices specifically for our Lettings and Sales team means that we offer a premium service for our customers in this way