Development is one of our core businesses at Strawberry Star Group. Our portfolio includes our own developments, acquired projects and joint ventures with private landowners, UK and International Investors and Local Authorities. Our disciplined and process-driven approach allows us to deliver on time and on budget, while maximising returns and minimising risk.


Identify Opportunities


We support Acquisitions through our extensive knowledge of the London investment property market. This, along with our rich expertise, allows us to identify the best possible development opportunities for our clients.


Conduct Due Diligence


Our expert teams and real estate agents conduct comprehensive development appraisals and due diligence to ensure that we acquire site at the right price, and that development returns are commensurate with the level of risk involved. Our disciplined and process-driven approach allows us to deliver on time and on budget, by assembling best-in-class project delivery teams.


Work with Capital Division to Raise Equity


Working with Strawberry Star Capital, and as part of our services, we invest our own equity to fund land acquisition and the initial stage of every project. In order to maximise equity returns on each project, investment is leveraged with development debt, secured on a fully-funded basis with a recognised lender.


Acquire Sites & Evolve Deal Structure


We acquire new sites for development, with or without planning consent, but conditional on obtaining planning permission. We will also undertake joint ventures with land owners and other developers. Our transparent process, coupled with our flexible deal structure, allows us to structure and negotiate deals that suit all parties involved, while creating and building trust and an excellent relationship between our teams, investors and clients.