Our range of quality services to London property investors includes identifying favourable investments, raising equity and debt, conducting due diligence, mitigating risk, and structuring deals for market-leading returns. 


Strawberry Star’s Capital division is responsible for raising funds from both local and international markets for our investment property development projects.


We have also set up real estate special funds registered in The International Stock Exchange, Guernsey, in order to further fund our developments. 



Identifying Investment Opportunities


Our thorough knowledge of the London property market, and a senior management team with over 28 years cumulative experience, means we are uniquely qualified to identify favourable investment opportunities. In addition to this, we are recognised experts in thorough area analysis, competitor analysis, project profiling and pricing analysis. 


Raise Equity & Debt


To raise equity for London projects, we leverage established, long-term relationships with high net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions around the world. We structure optimal deals through a combination of equity and debt, to generate market-leading returns.


Conduct Due Diligence


A fail-safe due diligence and project appraisal process underpins our expertise in assessing the value of projects, both for underwriting purposes and to mitigate investment risks.


Negotiate Complex Deals


We don’t shy away from complexity. In fact, we are among the preferred partners of financial institutions and developers to help negotiate complex deals through appropriate interventional methods.


Structure Deals for London Property Investments


We structure win-win deals for property investors and developers, and deliver market-leading returns to our investors.


Investor Portfolio Management


We think of investors as equal partners. Each investor is assigned Portfolio Managers and Investment Relationship Managers, and we implement a standardised process for reporting for investors.

Strawberry Star Capital are acting as Advisors appointed by Investment Manager for the funds based in Guernsey.

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