As specialist estate agents in bulk acquisitions, we target future growth areas of greater London. We support acquisitions by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the London investment property market, rich expertise in due diligence, and our outstanding reputation as credible and transparent underwriters.


What We Do


Strawberry Star Group is an international real estate and property management company that offers a one-stop solution for all your real estate needs. Our focus is on delivering simplicity, quality and performance across the entire spectrum of real estate investment. From offering property for sale to prospective buyers to delivering market-leading returns for local and international investors, we pride ourselves on a performance-driven approach and on consistently delivering exceptional service. 


We will help you manage risk and maximise returns, whether you are a first-time home owner or new landlord, a seasoned property investor, or a developer looking for best-in-class project delivery.


Land Requirements


We are always interested in new land, including brownfield, consented, and income-generating sites that meet our requirements for acquisition. These include the size of the land for sale and the minimum GDV, the site location, zone restrictions and whether planning permissions are in place. We are exceptionally flexible in relation to deal structure; we focus on negotiating deals that work for our clients, and in keeping with our core values, we offer complete transparency. 


Find out more about the criteria we rely on when considering the acquisition of a new site.