The ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’ continues to play a key role in the UK housing market with house-buyers, particularly first-time buyers, increasingly relying on their parents and friends to climb up the housing ladder.

London lettings market continues to remain strong with latest research data showing the UK capital leading the growth in the number of build-to-rent homes year-on-year. This clearly demonstrates the demand for residential rental properties in London, one of the top real estate hubs of the world.

The UK residential property market continues to remain stable with mortgage lending forecast to grow in 2018. This will positively impact the demand for housing as more prospective home-buyersare expected to opt for mortgage, especially with the rates being affordable, this year.

London does not fail to surprise! The UK capital is ranked No 1 in the “Cities of Influence” report brought out by leading global real estate company Colliers International, further raising its reputation globally. As the financial capital of Europe, London has maintained its pre-eminence by marching ahead of other cities in several parameters.

MIPIM 2018 to focus on the future of urban living

The world’s premier property market – MIPIM 2018 – which is set to commence from March 13, at Cannes in France, has attracted the attention of the stakeholders of the real estate sector, as this year’s theme “Mapping World Urbanity” synchronises with the ongoing trend worldwide. 

Innovation is the Way Forward for UK Housebuilders to plug the gap

A latest report on the UK housing market by the Lloyds Bank emphasises on the scope for technology innovation among housebuilders to meet the growing demand for quality housing. The Lloyds Bank report comes at a right time because in the absence of innovation, the gap between the demand and supply of housing in the UK cannot be plugged.

UK's Housing Stock Value Crosses £7 Trillion Mark

If you own a house in London, then you have a reason to celebrate! The total value of the UK’s housing stock passed the £7 trillion mark for the first time ever and now stands at £7.14 trillion, making it the top residential investment hub in the world.

London Top Global City for Real Estate Investments

London emerged as the top property hub for global investors last year edging out New York, which was ranked No 1 in 2016, according to a survey conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE).

UK house builders optimistic about prospects

The house builders in the UK, who faced a challenging year in 2017, were optimistic about the prospects in 2018 with several factors supporting the growth of the housing market.

UK Budget: Positive impact on property market

The UK Budget announcements provide welcome relief to the property market, particularly first-time buyers, enabling growth of housing stock. The private rented sector has been spared from any new regulation, thereby maintaining the demand momentum for all categories of houses.

Nationwide House Price Index

If you are under the impression that the widening gap between demand and supply of houses is the only reason for price inflation of residential assets in the UK, you could be wrong. For, latest research has revealed that international migration is also a growth driver of housing in England, especially London.

London is Europe’s fintech hub; investments continue to flow

Ever wondered why London is the favourite city for global investors, business travellers and tourists? The answer lies in the city’s strong business fundamentals, rich culture, heritage and history, and showcase places. Now, there is a new sobriquet to London – fintech hub of Europe!

Global Power City Index 2017

For the sixth year in a row, London is at the top spot of the Global Power City Index (GPCI), which is brought out by the Institute for Urban Strategies, The Mori Memorial Foundation.

Rental Market Risk Report

Yet another interesting dimension is emerging out of the UK housing crisis with the latest survey revealing that tenants with poor credit rating are more likely to be shunned by landlords.

UK’s first-time buyers continue to expect help from parents to climb property ladder

Access to finance continues to remain a major concern for first-time house buyers in the UK, as 66 per cent of adults aged 18-40 years are expecting to receive help from family to get their foot on the property ladder.

London remains the undisputed financial capital

Many analysts, market observers and economists had predicted that London would lose the tag as the world’s top financial centre following UK’s exit from the European Union. But it turns out that London continues to remain the undisputed financial capital of the world with the gap between its nearest rival further widening!

London home-buying activity maintains buoyancy

The London housing market continues to remain active with the number of home buyers increasing by 6 per cent during the second quarter (April-June) 2017 despite multiple challenges.

£54 million to transform local communities & release land for UK new homes

In a major impetus to housing in the UK, the government has announced a £54 million package to transform local communities and release land for thousands of new homes. The latest announcement should come as a relief to the residential sector in the UK, as house prices are increasing making it difficult for prospective buyers, especially first-time buyers, to acquire a home.

London retains its real estate capital crown!

Here’s an encouraging news for investors in the London property market – the city continues to remain as the most traded one surpassing New York by attracting investments worth US$ 17.5 billion during the first half of 2017. Last year, around the same time, New York topped the list at US$24.3 billion, but in 2017, the real estate investments into the US city have reduced to US$ 11.2 billion.

UK landlords anticipate another ‘crisis’ due to ‘Buy-to-Let’ tax changes

The National Landlords Association (NLA) in the UK has expressed fears that the recent changes to the way the buy-to-let properties are taxed could lead to the next “pension crisis,” as property owners are increasingly depending on their residential assets to save for their retirement years.

Housing crisis preventing younger couples from expanding families?

Facts are stranger than fiction, and the ongoing housing crisis in London seems to be caught in a vortex! The latest research study contended that spiralling prices of houses in the UK was preventing young couples from having kids.

Opportunity for developers from homes for multigenerational living

UK’s NHBC Foundation has published an interesting research report, which elaborates on a new opportunity for developers to build homes for households, which contain two or more adult generations. As of now, the sector is one of the least exploited as builders continue to meet demand for housing in high growth areas.

Despite price inflation, first-time buyers continue to drive housing in the UK

The housing market in the UK continues to be dictated by price inflation, as first-time buyers are finding it difficult to climb up the property ladder. But they continue to dominate the housing market driving the growth despite a steep increase in residential property prices.

Demystifying role of overseas investors in London property market

Over the last few years, there have been arguments holding the global investors responsible for the housing crisis in London. Many of those opposing international investments in the UK property market even attributed the housing price inflation to these global players.