MIPIM 2017, the world’s leading property market, is underway in Cannes, France, and it is buzzing with activities, as influential international property players from the office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial sectors have gathered for four days of networking, learning and transaction.


Like every year, MIPIM is expected to set the course for the property market for the rest of 2017, as the real estate fortunes continue to fluctuate in different geographies depending on local economic conditions.

The focus of MIPIM 2017 is “New Deal for Real Estate”. As technology revolution, geopolitical instability and societal changes are sweeping through the business world, property professionals are facing new challenges that drive them to understand their business differently, hence the idea of this new deal, according to MIPIM organisers. This focus sets the tone for those key global challenges that will impact the real estate sector in the coming years.

There are arguably four key challenges – Urban Planning, Efficiency of Resources, Global Economic & Political Power shifts and Digitalisation. It is predicted that 8.3 billion people will live on earth and over 60 per cent of the population will live in cities in the coming years. How will this impact the design and construction of tomorrow’s cities? How will future real estate projects be able to consider the need to monitor and save resources, when energy demands will grow 40 percent and half the world’s population will be living in areas of high water stress?

Considering the US, French, German, Italian and Dutch elections... how will these changes affect the sector? The fourth main global challenge is digitalisation. Over 1 trillion objects will be connected to the internet and all the data collected from the users and the buildings will clearly modify the way real estate professionals are working. MIPIM 2017 will explore each of these four challenges in detail.

There are some new and interesting initiatives this year - Innovation, technology and connectivity are playing an ever more important role in the real estate sector and the MIPIM Innovation Forum will be situated for the first time ever at the heart of the Palais and will occupy an area of over 1,500 sqm. Over 60 companies will be exhibiting in the space including the finalists of the second annual MIPIM Startup Competition.

A special mention on MIPIM’s ‘matchmaking service’, which is entering its second year in action. The aim is to improve client experience at the show by helping participants find their peers and potential partners. This greatly benefits organisations, such as Strawberry Star, which are always on the lookout for potential partners.

It is interesting to note that the MIPIM has been consistent in attracting over 23,000 unique visitors every year. This time, 2600+ companies from 90 countries are showcasing their projects and services. The number of CEOs and Chairmen attending the event is mind-boggling – over 3,800. In addition to them, 5,300 investors are participating in the event. Consequently, this makes MIPIM the prime real estate event globally, as important partnerships are forged on this platform.

Source: MIPIM

Image Source: MIPIM